I have just done a fat transfer from my thigh to my upper eyelids on 18 sep 2016 till now my eyes look horrible? (Photos)

I wonder what happen to my eyes and will it stay like this for yrs? I just went to remove my stitch today at normal GP clinic the doctor was telling me my swell was abit too much.. I'm worry will I stay like this forever if my fat on my eyelids was damage? How can I remove ?

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Problem with fat transfer to eyelids

There is excess fat lumps on your upper eyelids and brows. Although there are some injections that may help with melting the fat/scar tissue, I think your best option is surgical debulking of the fat/scar tissue. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

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Fat transfer to eyelids

Thanks for sharing your concern.

It's too early for swelling to resolve after a fat transfer to the eyelid. It's best for you to remain in contact with your plastic surgeon to address your concerns. Swelling after fat transfer is very variable and in some patients can last upto 3-6 weeks.

Bijoy Methil, MCh, MS, DNB
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