Inner eyelid a little shown and eyelash unbalanced after Asian blepharoplasty (picture taken on day 10) (Photo)

​hi! Can somebody help me with this? My left eyelid is a little shown and eyelash is pointed more upwards compared to my right eye. Looks like I've big and small eyes when I'm taking picture. Help! I know it's day 10 after surgery but just wanna know if this is permanent? Will it be balanced after my eyelid de swells? Anything i can do to resolve this? Thank u!

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Healing after dramatic Asian eyelid surgery

Thank you for the photos. It is very early after your surgery and the eyelashes will relax on both sides. They may not relax perfectly evenly but I think that that should be just fine as the healing continues. Additionally, it looks as though the surgery was designed to give a dramatic look. It's going to be several weeks or months before the eyelid starts to look natural and the eyelashes start to relax. Follow up closely with your surgeon. Best of luck

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry soon after surgery

Your concerns about asymmetry of eyelash directions and the size of inner eyes are not uncommon in the early phase of the healing process. Please understand that healing after Asian blepharoplasty like most surgical procedures is a long process. 

Eric In Choe, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelash tilting upward?

Your post op 10 days picture shows somewhat ptotic. Your left eye had slightly more ptotic. I wonder whether you had ptosis prior to surgery and if you didn't have any ptosis before, your eyelash tilting upward will subside. It is too early to give you definite answers but if this isn't resolved after all swelling subsides lowering crease line will correct this. Keep post your photos after all swelling subsides.

Andrew Choi, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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