Should I extract 4 premolar teeth for braces? (photo)

I have done braces before (without extraction). My teeth are protruding now. I went to ask dentist for advice and they recommended me to extract 4 teeth to push my front teeth backwards. I understand that there are many side-effects to teeth extraction e.g. gum may recede, I might have gaps on my back teeth after braces is done and risk that I might experience nerve pain in future. Is it worth it? And do you recommend me to extract teeth at all. Thanks!!!

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Bicuspid Extraction Before Braces?

I rarely ever recommend bicuspid extractions before braces. This is antiquated orthodontics that is rarely ever needed as a way to resolve crowding and/or protrusion. 

Arch development is a far better way to create the necessary space to properly align teeth. The results are far superior to amputating healthy bicuspid teeth. 

Good luck!

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