I have done my face with chin lipo two week ago but still look the same?

Hi Dr I hv done my face n chin lipo two week ago but still look the same. During the procedure the fat suck out is not yellow but not normal water mix with blood so I'm not sure if this is fats being suck out. I hv being applying fat burn cream n fat inject to burn fats. Pls help. Cos now ald 16 days n no result.might worry is not fats cos is not fat being remove

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Neck liposuction

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It is common for patients to be very anxious about the results of an operative procedure, but let me assure you that it is way too early to expect significant change!  Most liposuction is performed by the tumescent technique with the injection of fluid into the soft tissue.  This may be followed by the application of energy, as with laser lipo or ultrasonic liposuction.  Finally, the soft tissue is aspirated.  Each of these steps is somewhat traumatic to the tissue, inducing an inflammatory response, induration, and swelling.  Consider that most neck liposuctions remove a limited amount of fat;  the neck is simply a small area, as opposed to for example, an abdomen.  That small amount of fat often is replaced by a fair amount of swelling.  Make certain that you follow all of your surgeon's instructions and ask about compression and massage.  Try to be patient!  It may take months for the result to evolve.   Best of luck!

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