Which doner fat transfer has the "thickest" fat?

I hear that the thigh fat is thicker than stomach fat. My PS told me that since I am thin, fat taken from thighs to face is good.

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Which donor fat transfer site has the "thickest" fat?

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Thank you for the interesting question. A small study showed that fat taken from the abdomen and inner thighs had better "take" or survival than outer thigh and flank fat. However, evidence is scarce and fat survival depends on multiple known and unknown factors, including the techniques for harvesting, processing, and grafting; as well as the recipient area, and vary from patient to patient.
Although fat transfer to the face is a safe procedure in the hands of a well-trained plastic surgeon and usually yields good results, there is no 'magic formula' to guarantee fat survival, and the procedure sometimes needs to be repeated to achieve optimal results due to inadequate fat survival. 

Shady Hayek, MD
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