Crooked mouth on the right side of my face after lower jaw surgery when I smile and when I say the letter O (Photos)

I am 2.5 weeks post op from my lower jaw surgery where the bones are cut to give me a shaper looking jawline. It's purely aesthetic and the Koreans call it Vline surgery. However, I noticed that the right side of my lip is crooked when I smile, when I pursed my lip and when I say the letter "O". There's also a tingling sensation in my teeth when I touch a nerve on the right side of my jaw. My doc said everything is normal. Should I be worried? Please help! Thanks.

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Crooked lips

I would wait some time before you get worried.  It appears you have a weakness of the marginal mandibular nerve, which is a small nerve that runs over the area of the jaw where you had surgery.  While there is a small chance the nerve was damaged, it is more likely just shocked or stretched from the surgery.  This usually recovers over the next few weeks to months.

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