After rhinoplasty: my nose bridge is not straight? (Photos)

my 2nd wk after rhino. I know about the swelling that will do away. But as the swelling going down each day, The more i can see the bridge not straight (The end of it should be more left and the other one vice versa)the curve go side way if i see from the top. What should i do? I cannot wait till 1 year. How can i not go out for 1 year. Today even my friend say the nose is not straight (i never bring up the topic). When is the fastesttt revision i can make? Indont even dare to see other people

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After rhinoplasty: my nose bridge is not straight?

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Hello unicorninlalaland - Thanks for your question.  You are way to early to worry about any asymmetries you see. You had asymmetries before surgery that will remain after surgery because every face on the planet is asymmetric. There is no such thing as facial symmetry.  Your issues are more than likely related to swelling in the tissues. The left side of the nose always swells more and this may be why you see the volume increase on the left side of the picture.  The right side of the nose loses swelling faster.  This creates an artificial enhancement of normal minor asymmetries.  It may be helpful to tape your nose at night, use massage gently during the day, and even try some mild steroid injections to reduce swelling.  Unfortunately, for revision surgery, you need to wait one year or you risk worsening the issue by adding more scar.  Be patient and things will get better with time.Good luck, Dr. Shah

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