I'm 39 yr old, asymmetrical breast. If the asymmetry could be corrected with implants only. Or will I also need a lift? (photo)

I have always had asymmetrical breasts but it started to be more visible after breastfeeding. I had breast cancer (stage 1)on the right side treated with lumpectomy plus radiation 2 years ago.. With my surgeon and oncologist approval, I would like to get my breasts corrected and get them more symmetrical and fuller with implants. Currently VS34D, on the right side, but don't fill in the left side. My question is if the asymmetry could be corrected with implants only. Or will I also need a lift?

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Breast asymetry

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You can get different size implants. You will need a slight lift on the left to get the nipple/areola at the same level. I think that it is best to have your implants below the muscle  because of the history of breast cancer and the radiation.

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Talamge Raine MD FACS

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Implants only for My Breast Asymmetry

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In reviewing your photographs you must first ask your self.. Do I want to remain the same cup size or would I like to go to a larger cup size.  If you desire to remain at the same cup size then a left breast lift would suffice.  If however you would like to go to a larger cup size then a implant on the right and a breast lift on the left would probably be required.  Hope this helps. 

Joseph Rucker, MD, FACS
Eau Claire Plastic Surgeon
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