Post-IPL facial pustular reaction, rosacea papulopustular growth everyday, dehydrated skin with sun/heat sensitivity.

I break out in pustular reaction after every IPL facial. Why? how to prevent it/control it? skin does look better after,have about 10 sessions already. I also get pustules on cheeks everyday! metronidazole and Sulphur helps but doesn't stop it from growing everyday. I have sensitive, fair skin, with rosacea and dehydrated skin. I also have dry red patch under my mouth/ corners that doesnt go away.I am confused what should be in my skin regimen with such skin conditions all together, please help!

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Treating rosacea

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Thank you for your question mayleetz. I am sorry to hear about your situation. IPL is a great treatment for facial rejuvenation. It can also treat redness associated with rosacea. It is difficult to make an assessment without a formal exam. However I find I get really good results for rosacea using IPL combined with infrared light. We call this combination the Tight and Bright Rejuvenation. I recommend an initial series of 6 monthly treatments followed by one maintenance treatment every 3 months thereafter. Rosacea is a condition we control, not cure. Therefore regular maintenance treatments are important. At the same time sun protection is critical as well as avoiding triggers such as spicy foods and alcohol. Topical products such as metronidazole and niacinamide help as well.

Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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