Nose Shifts when Smile After Nose Job?

I had rhinoplasty about 3 months ago where cartilage was used to project the tip of my nose. Most of the stitches have dissolved and a few weeks ago while cleaning the inside nose, the last bits of stitching thread came out with the Q-tip. Recently when I smile , I sometimes feel something in my nose shift to the side. I'm worried that I've done some permanent damage. Is this shifting temporary due to the nascent stages of recovery?

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Rhinoplasty Clicking

What you're describing is very common and experienced by many others who are recovering from rhinoplasty. It sounds like you're describing "clicking" which can occur after rhinoplasty. This should improve with time. If you are concerned, I suggest scheduling a follow up appointment with your plastic surgeon to make sure that you are healing correctly.

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Nose shift when smiling post-rhinoplasty

Most likely, you've done nothing to cause this. Immediate postsurgical scarring and scar remodeling may all contribute to such strange feelings. Talk to your surgeon and he/she can examine you see if there is a concern. I suspect, however, that the situation may change and resolve on its own over the next few months.


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