Lumps After Fat Grafting?

A dr said "-lower eyelid, The skin there is usually pretty thin, and resorption of the fat is common. Although you might see a good result initially, uneven withering of the fat can lead to an unfavorable appearance and areas of firmness later - even months and years later. These changes can be especially noticeable as your weight fluctuates." does this mean after fat grafting on upper eyelid, i shouldn't be surprise if i get lumps after years? means i should avoid fat grafting? is it true?

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Eyelid fat injection

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No where on the face is technique more important than around the eyes. As mentioned by others, the skin is quite thin and unforgiving of contour irregularity. The fat needs to be injected quite deep and no higher than the level of the orbital rim.

It is a great technique when done properly and not in excess. So experience is quite important. Multiple sessions may be needed, as it is always better to undercorrect, than to overcorrect, as it is much easier to add more fat, than to try to remove fat from the face.

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Fat Grafting around Eyes

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With a fat transfer like any other injection there will be swelling and a feeling of uneven texture. There could be irritation at injection sites causing temporary bumps. These things should resolve over time. Sometimes multiple procedures are needed to achieve the result you are looking for. The skin is thin and sensitive in these areas so these things are possible. With any surgical procedure you should wait 6 months to a year for final results and follow up with your doctor is very important. 

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Lumps after Eyelid Fat Grafting

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Not all fat grafting is the same.  The volume of fat needed and the location of the recipient site are the two biggest considerations.  In other words,  you cant play the same music with a bass, cello and a violin.  And the instruments we use in fat grafting and the surgoical strategies we use are very different when we fat graft the eyelids, versus the breast, for example.  People get into trouble with the lower eyelid sometimes when the instruments used to both harvest the fat and inject the fat are too large.  When this happens,  larger lobules of fat are injected.  This is probably the biggest cause of lumps in the lower eyelid.  I have attached a reference for you.


Hope this helps-


Dr Del Vecchio

Fat grafting for the lower eyelids

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When performed correctly, fat grafting is an excellent option for under-eye hollowing or tear troughs. It produces stable results and soft contours when micro-fat injections are performed with a very fine cannula. It would be extremely rare to see lumps or fluctuation if the procedure was performed by an experienced surgeon.

-Dr. Jamil Asaria

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