Lowering Double Eyelid Consequences?

I want to lower my double eyelid. it is currently 4mm high when opened. i read about one of the non excisional method that says .. " After the incision of the new double eyelid line, dissection was done between the previous scar and the levator. Then the orbital septum, orbital fat or the retro orbicularis oculi fat was slide down and sutured with a tarsal plate" will sliding down the fat cause and problems in the future such as hollow eyes? im 24 yrs old

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Lowering the double eyelid crease will it make my eyes hollow

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It shouldn't make your eyes hollow. The technique that was described is how to lower your eyelid crease. This surgery is difficult and you need patience. Sometime fat grafting is needed to help soften the surgical results.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Lowering the double eyelid crease is possible depending on your current circumstances

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Lowering the crease on a double eyelid depends very much on what took place in the original surgery. If excess skin was not removed, then release of scars and fat repositioning or fat grafting and the use of intervening tissue to prevent recurring scar in the original fold is a common approach to this problem. 

Charles S. Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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