Is It Okay to Leave Lumps Inside the Orbital Septum?

im having sunken eyes after my 2nd revision and im 24. i want to get fat grafting but is really scared. im afraid that it might be good for few months and change after that. how long does it takes to make sure that no lumps are formed? will it grow after some time? i read that alot of doctor inject deep into orbital septum to avoid lumpiness. it sounds like it will definitely form lumps but its ok to leave the lumps inside as long as not visible? 

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Lumps after fat grafting to the eyelids

Fat grafting can help improve the sunken eye deformity but it must be done by someone with a lot of experience using this technique.  To get the best result, you may need to repeat the fat grafting several times because only a small amount of fat is injected each time to avoid limps and other deformities.

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