Fat Injection Behind the Eyes and Deep into Orbital Septum Makes a Difference?

Does injecting fats "behind the eyes" and "deep into the orbital septum" makes a difference? i've read on realself that injecting fats behind the eyes is very dangerous, but the most korean doctors injects deep into the orbital septum to avoid lumpiness. are they the same?

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Fat injections

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Any deep injection around the orbit has the chance to cause bleeding and form a hematoma. The complication can be devastating

New York Plastic Surgeon

Fat injection into the eyelids

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Fat can be injected into the eyelids but deep injections are more risky.  If it is in the upper eyelids injections along the lower border of the  superior orbital rim will yeld better fat retention with less risk. Of course using a blunt needle is the safe way.  Sharp needles have been associated with blindness.  Injections deeper may also damage the levator muscle causing ptosis of the eyelids.  Lumpiness is related to technique.  If done carefully lumpiness should not happen. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Fat injection into orbital septum

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Fat injection can be done along the lower lid. cheek junction. This is not placed behind the orbital septum usually. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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