Fat Injection into Deep Orbital Fats?

A korean surgeon said that to prevent lumps from fat injection, he injects the fats deep into the orbital septum. his B&A pictures looks good too. but my question is, what if the dead fats/lumps stays inside the orbital fats? is it okay to leave it inside the orbital septum? and will the injection cause more trouble to my orbital fats? I feel so lost. please help

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Not as common

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Injecting fat deep into the orbit is not a very common technique used, but it has been described. If you have a severely hollow orbit with loss of orbital fat, it may be an effective technique if done properly, however it has the same possible complications of lumpiness as fat grafting elsewhere on the body. In addition the surgeon needs to understand Orbital anatomy as there are vessels, nerves, and the eye that can possibly be damaged by improper or heavy handed technique.

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Fat injection under the eyes....

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I routinely perform fat injections under the eyes and cheek area. The technique requires experience to be performed well as the placement of the fat has to be 'deep' to the skin under the eyes so as not to cause any overlying irregularities or bumps on the lower eyelid skin. That is the simple answer to your question. The injected fat does not cause any 'reaction' to the eye fat or the skin tissues in the area and it is not really 'dead fat' as the fat should survive, which is why it is placed there in the first place, to cause the volume to come up. If you don't understand what your surgeon is saying, ask them to explain so you do. Good luck.

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Fat injections In The Eye Area, NOT A GOOD IDEA!

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I am so glad you posted this question on this website.  The Korean Surgeon may be the best at this technique however, what I have seen in my practice (done by others) has be disasterous.  Many times when the fat is injected it is done to close to the skin.  Thereby, leaving fat lumps and bumps in that area and the patient looks worse than when they started. Then to answer your question about the fat that does not survive (as it is taken from one area of the body and placed there, so it is called a fat graft), yes you have the potential to have even more lumps and bumps. 

If I was in your shoes, I would see a board certified facial plastic surgeon in your area, or a board certified plastic surgeon who does a lot of work in this area, we cannot list the links sorry.

In our office we also use many lasers, especially Exilis, to tighten up this skin and tone down the fat.  Then of course some good topicals that contain antioxidants like Vit C/E that are designed for the eye region.  I really like Teamine by Revision or "The Eyes Have It" by Prescribed Solutions and "Elastiderm" by Obagi.  I think it is always a combination treatment for best results.


Hope this helps...

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