Dissection of Internal Scar?

for revisional blepharoplasty to lower down the crease, will dissection of internal scar cause the skin of the lid to be thinner? and cause the fold to be like paper thin? and will thin lid cause any problem in the future?

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Management of the Upper Lid Scar Re-Do Upper Lid Surgery

Your question deals in generalities not in specifics and without accompanying photographs the answers given may not really apply to the question you have.

EVERY surgery (except for those done in the womb) results in a scar. The quality and thickness depends on MANY factors including location, direction of the wound, the way in which the wound was created, the way in which it was closed, your ethnicity etc etc.

A High eyelid crease is seen when the attachments to the skin of the Levator muscle lifting the upper lid comes off the cartilage strip at the lower edge of the lid (Levator dehiscence / disinsertion) which is seen with age, trauma or paralysis. It can also be seen in cosmetic eyelid surgery and other medical conditions.

This area does NOT scar badly and a nice lower crease can be recreated with several techniques based on the real cause of the high crease. Choose a Plastic surgeon who does a fair number of these cases and you should do well.

Good Luck.

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