Damage to Orbital Fats?

im 24, my eyes became hollow due to eyelid revision. A friend of mine told me that sometimes it not because of the fat removed that is causing hollowness, but the trauma of the surgery. she had silicon put in and overnight, her eyes became hollow. so if i go for 2nd revision or fat grafting into the orbital septum, will such surgery damage my orbital fats causing it to deflate or anything? if injecting fats deep into orbital septum is going to make me lose more fats. i would rather not do it.

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Fat grafting would be recommended in your situation

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After too much fat has been removed with blepharoplasty, fat grafting is the best technique to restore this fat.  Fat injected deep to the orbital septum should not damage the surrounding fat if is done correctly.  The other option is dermal fat grafts which can also work well, or sometimes moving the remaining fat in the orbit to where you need it.

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