Is Autologous Fat Grafting Safe on Upper Eyelids?

Is there a diff between autologous fat grafting and pearl fat grafting?i read from dr meronk that "fat transfer" and "fat grafting" are different but autologous fat grafting uses syringe. Isn't it like one of the "fat injection"? i thought fat grafting means harvesting a piece of fats from the body? A dr. suggested autologous fat grafting to treat my hollow eyes (im an asian) but im worried aft reading this,

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Fat Grafting Upper Eyelids

I regularly add fat to the brow, upper lid junction by means of structural fat grafting. My before and after gallery has examples of patients who had hollow upper eyelids genetically and others who has previous blepharoplasty with fat removal that left them with hollows and or a doll eye appearance. These situations can all be corrected with fat grafting. Take your time searching for the right doctor as structural fat grafting requires expertise, patience, specialized instrumentation and  experience on the part of the plastic surgeon.

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Slightly different techniques

What you have read from Dr. Meronk's site [fat pearl grafting] is a slightly different technique in fat grafting. In his technique an eyelid incision is made to place the fat in specific compartments. In addition, his technique of harvesting the fat is slightly different: he excises the fat through an incision without the use of liposuction.

It is uncertain whether his technique is any better or worse than the traditional technique. The only certainty is this:  both techniques of fat grafting around the eyes/eye socket need highly experienced surgeons to perform them, as the eyelids are quite unforgiving.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Fat Grafting Goes by Many Names

Taking fat from one area of the body and putting into another is known by various names such as fat transfer, fat grafting, or lipofilling. Fat injection is the same, and implies using an injection technique to place the fat, which is the most common way to do it.  Directly placing small pieces of fat through a surgical approach such as during blepharoplasty can be done also, and might go by a name such as pearl grafts, but don't get too hung up on cute names.  The eyelids and orbit are common sites for fat transfer, but should be done by a plastic surgeon with experience and knowledge of the anatomy of the orbit.  This is one area that is very unforgiving of poor fat injection technique.

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Fat grafting = fat transfer

The basic idea of all fat transfer procedures is the same: remove some fat with a liposuction procedure and then inject it into another spot where volume is needed. "Autologous" simply means that it is your own fat. There is a lot of discussion and debate about how to process the fat, how to inject it, and so forth but they are not fundamentally different.

Richard Baxter, MD
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