Autologous Fat Grafting into Orbital Septum?

Is there any reason that most doctors does not perform autologous fat grafting into orbital septum with incisional double eyelid plasty? "Correction of Sunken Upper Eyelids Using Incisional Double Eyelidplasty and Autologous Microfat Grafting into Orbital Septum." does this procedure sounds appropriate? is it true that its really less traumatic, less complication rate, less absorption rate of fat? above technique 2 months ops.

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Usually fat grafting is not needed unless it is a revisionary surgery

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Generally, there is not a lack of fat unless there has been prior surgery to remove it.  Some people have a natural hollowing of the orbit and in these cases, fat grafting can be done.  It would probably be best to establish the eyelid fold first before doing any fat grafting as doing the two procedures together may not work well together.


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