Does Simpli5 Give Good Results for Very Minor Tooth Movement?

I have read that a lab tech at AOA, the company that makes Simpli5, sets the changes with this system. Has anyone used it for minor tooth movement? What the results were like since it is less expensive than Invisalign.

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Simpli 5 is Simply that

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My experiences are that all clear aligner systems work if chosen for the appropriate case and if the patient is compliant.  Simpli 5 is a great system for minor tooth movements in the anterior segment of the mouth such as slight crowding and orthodontic relapse cases.  It really does not matter how the aligners are fabricated but careful monitoring of movement is necessary for a good result.  Therefore you should visit your dentist every few weeks to ensure that the case is tracking properly.  In my office, we use the following systems based on the degree of difficulty of the case:  Red, White and Blue (also by AOA), Simpli5, Invisalign Express, Full Invisalign (easiest to most difficult case.  Also least to most expensive).

Other systems do exist so speak to your dentist or an orthodontist to see which is the most appropriate choice for your specific case.

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Yes it works well for minor tooth movement.

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I have used Simpli5 aligners for straightening minor misalignments of the front teeth on a number of occasions and found them to work well.  The key is "minor" correction.  Rotated canines would not be good candidates but incisors have responded well to these aligners.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Simpli5 and minor tooth movement

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Simpli5 is a clear aligned system used to move teeth that are out of alignment. This system is 5 or fewer trays and is designed for minor tooth movement. It is a lower cost than other aligned systems like Invisalign..

Simpli5 vs Invisalign

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For minor movement of several teeth Simpli5 should work well.  It consists of a series of clear aligners to move teeth incrementally, similar to Invisalign.  Since it is done by repositioning teeth on real models, it may not be able to comprehensively move all of the teeth the way Invisalign can.  An experienced orthodontist should be able to tell you which system is right for your case.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Simpli5 vs. Invisalign for Minor Tooth Movement

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Simpli5 and Invisalign work exactly the same way: a series of clear aligners, each slightly different from the previous one, move the teeth by applying pressure with plastic. Your teeth can't tell if the treatment plan was rendered on a computer and constructed using stereolithography (Invisalign) or by having a lab technician manually move your crooked teeth on a plaster model between aligner stages. Your orthodontist can determine if your individual case is a candidate for Simpli5. I know I would only use it for a single tooth that has only shifted slightly. It is not capable of the complex movements you can make with Invisalign. Good luck!

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
Albuquerque Orthodontist

Simpli 5 is simpli not good enough

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Sorry Guys, but when do you ever see a case that needs 5 aligners? Most common case is a recent ortho case that is beginning to relapse, so give better retainers!

Also mild ortho cases? in 5 aligners? will probably need IPR then?

Would you IPR your lower incisors for the saving of a few hundreds of $?

The sooner dentists stop trying to "cut corners" the better because patients will no longer be under the illusion that ortho is cheap and quick.


Simply 5 works well to correct minor rotations

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Simply 5 is a series of 5 clear trays or aligners that may be used to help correct minor crowding or spacing of teeth.  It works best when your bite fits correctly in the back and only the front teeth are out of alignment.  It is a good alternative to using Invisalign in these cases and can be more cost effective for you.  It is a great choice for someone who may have had braces before and has minor relapse of their front teeth. 

Andrew Young, DDS
Fort Worth Orthodontist

Simpli5 is Simply Superb for Minor Tooth Movement

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You are absolutely right about how Simpli5 works! A lab technician will set the teeth manually to simulate tooth movements through 5 sets of aligners, and this is a very cost effective way to move teeth. Invisalign is actually now offering a 5 aligner Express treatment to compete with Simpli5 for very minor tooth movements.

AOA labs has lots of great services that help orthodontists treat their patients and in addition to Simpli5 they are offering a treatment called ClearAlign for slightly more complicated movements of your front teeth on the top and bottom. ClearAlign is essentially a 10 aligner option for orthodontists and patients.

For more complicated cases with clear aligners, I still have to say Invisalign is the best because of all the research and development and treatment data the have to improve how their aligners move teeth. Sometimes using aligners to move teeth is like trying to pick up a wet watermelon seed, so the more predictable you can make the process with technology the better results for your patient.

Scott Frey, DDS
Allentown Orthodontist

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