Is their surgery for my legs to get a better shape from back ? (photos)

I feel like my legs from the front look pretty nice saying I have long lean legs athletic with kinda muscularish! Which is good ! But, one downside, the back of my legs the shape is just off in my opinion ! :( my ankles look so teeny tiny and my knees just seem to big from behind and it makes me cry every time I see my back side ! Trying to get more muscular calves at home cuz it might make them look more shaped from back because they seem straight down and my front side is shaped any surgeries?

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Calf implants for more shapely legs

Calf implants are a great option for patients to increase the fullness in the calf. If you can’t achieve your desired result by going to the gym and building muscle, calf implants will add volume and shape to the back of your legs. I will say though, it is very difficult to see from the photos you provided whether or not you would be a good candidate for calf implants.

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