Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain Removal. (photos)

I have a minor Tetracycline (Intrinsic) Teeth Stain on my upper Central Incisors since I was kid, I'm 31 now. Is there over the counter solution to remove these intrinsic stains? Thank you

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Tetracycline stain

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only option for u is veneers. teeth whitening will not work. so best option for u is porcelain veneers.

Partial tooth staining

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Great question--you can certainly try selective bleaching to see how these discolorations respond. Most people find a dentist skilled in composite bonding and these can be improved inexpensively and simply --in many cases without the need for anesthetic. Ask to see photos of the doctors work so that you can be confident in the outcome. Good luck

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