What is a nose spur?

I have a nose spur on the left side of my nose bridge making it look like a have a hump but it's only on that side and it's super pointy and thin Dosent feel like a normal bone why is it there ?

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Bony nasal spur

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Hi and thanks for the question. I would need more information to give you better advice. This would include photographs and a history ( including a history of trauma ). 

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Dr. Vallecillos 

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Nasal dorsal hump

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Even without a photo I think I understand what you are asking about.  You are probably referring to a bony prominence along the bridge of your nose.  If you do not recall any prior nasal trauma then you likely developed the bony prominence, or spur, that you are referring to.  If that is the only concern that you have with regards to your nose, it can be a relatively easy procedure to correct the appearance and feel of the spur.  Happy to see you in consultation to discuss your concerns.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD, FACS
Chevy Chase Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Nose spur

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Is it possible to send photos in order to know exactly what you mean - profile and frontal views would be enough

What is a nose spur?

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Bone and cartilage are living tissues, and it can respond to trauma by laying down additional bone cells which can create asymmetry and a Spur.. Sometimes the dorsal hump is significantly asymmetrical due to one nasal bone being higher than the other. This can be addressed with a rhinoplasty procedure to shave down the dorsal hump and then osteotomies are then required. On the internal portion of the nose trauma to the septum can also cause the same bone spur to occur, and a septoplasty is required to  remove it. 

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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