I Need Spiro! I'm Almost 19 and I've Been Dealing With Moderate Acne Since I Was 12?

I don't get huge cysts but I have oily skin and lots of pimples. My skin also has lots of scarring! I am currently using differin as I have been for more than 6 months with NO success. I reeeeeeally want to try spironolactone because I think my acne is hormonal but I called my dermatologist and home doctor and they both said they do not prescribe the medicine for acne. IS THERE ANYONE IN MARYLAND WHO PRESCRIBES SPIRO?!

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Female hormonal acne has many components. It would be best to use a mix of tropical treatments, similar to what you are using but in combination with other topical treatments that may help enchance the efficacy of the medication. In addition, oral medications such as Spironolactone and antibiotcs are a fantastic suppliment to start patients on with the idea that they will eventually be tapered but can speed up the process of getting better and staying clear. Also, laser and light treatments tend to show the fastest results for clearing acne. Consult your Dermatology Provider so that they can tailor a program for your skin and scars.

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Acne treatments

Acne can have many causes.  Many women have acne into their adult years and its often hormonal.  First line treatment of hormonal acne is often oral contraceptive pills, and then spironolactone, depending on the medical history.  Most dermatologists don't prescribe these, but often OB/GYNs and endocrinologists do.  There are many other ways to treat acne however in addition to just differin that the dermatologist can help with such as pills, lasers, peels, other creams and washes. 

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