Eyes and lids appear to have different shape. Any suggestions? (photos)

Left eyelid looks bigger/wider than the other and the same eyelid doesn't squint down when smiling. Sometimes it looks like it is a glass eye since it stays the same while the other eye is more expressive. Worse when tired but now it is being noticed by other children.

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This is mild bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.

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I recommend having your child assessed by a fellowship trained oculofacial surgeon.  This is not causing a visual issue so there is leeway regarding when this is corrected. Surgery is most accurate when the patient can cooperate during surgery to look up on command.  For this reason it is ideal if the surgery can be postponed until she is more mature.  This should be part of the discussion with any surgeon. 

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It appears that you have mild ptosis of your right upper eyelid

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Ptosis means to have droopy upper eyelid. It appears that you have mild ptosis of your right upper eyelid compare to the left upper eyelid. But to make sure that is the finding, you need to be examined by an oculofacial plastic surgeon. our office is in Tysons, we will be happy to evaluate you.  

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