56 year requesting to get a Brazillian butt transfer or butt implants - risk factors?

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Complications for BBL and butt implants is very minimal. To date we have not had any infections or had to perform any re-do procedures on patients. In order to minimize complications we follow very strict guidelines which include:

1)Use of perioperative antibiotics

2)Use of preoperative antimicrobial soap used along the buttocks region

3)Double prepping of the buttocks region with staged draping

4)Minimal touch technique of handling the implants

5)Using a modified dual incision for implant placement

6) Minimizing port incision for implant placement by using implant heating regimen

7) Avoidance of contour irregularities by Complete implant coverage with total intramuscular placement

8) Multi-layered closure using a 4 plane technique closure: a) muscular fascia closure, b) fascial sclosure c) subdermal closure d)subcutaneous closure

9) Elimination of tension and isolation of incision lines from the anal region using an extended incision line sealant sheet.

10) Comprehensive postoperative instructions intended to eliminate all avoidable complications.

Please see the link further to learn more about it. 

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56 year requesting to get a Brazillian butt transfer or butt implants - risk factors?

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Hello Dear, thank you so much for your questions.

This turnsout to be a very interesting question, the risks for any surgery increase byage because of several reaso ns, including diseases, which can affect the proper functioning of the body.

But if health levels are optimal, the procedure which, in my opinion, I think that has less risk of complications that wouldbe fat transfer can be performed. This procedure takes the extra fat that is in your abdomen, back, flanks, hips and is injected into your back.

Hope to hear from you soon, best wishes!!

Ramon Morales, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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You would have to be evaluated in person to see if you are a candidate or not. Many factors go into risks of complications including your overall medical condition. In my opinion,. I think that implants have a higher risk of complications.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Risk Factors not Risks

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Your question was what are the risk factors for a 56-year-old having surgery. Although it's obviously important to discuss the risks, the risk factors in a 56-year-old who is healthy and otherwise has no medical problems are not significantly greater than a patient of any other age having this operation. 

significant risk factors for a patient undergoing fat transplantation to the buttock include smoking, obesity, history of blood clot's, and very muscular buttocks with very little overlying soft tissue. In this last type of patient there is a theoretical risk that fat injected may injure important deep venous structures which could result in fat embolism. This is a fatal complication of buttock augmentation with fat.

 when choosing a surgeon for gluteal enhancement with fat, look for the number of cases performed and also any occurrences of fat emboli. 

best regards 

56 year requesting to get a Brazillian butt transfer or butt implants - risk factors?

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Assuming you are healthy and have no medical issues that will cause one surgery to be better than another, if you have fat to use, use the fat.  The fat transfer does tend to have fewer complications overall than the buttock implant.

Kenneth Hughes MD

Los Angeles, CA

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