I would like to know the likelihood of getting Medicare to pay for surgery and if opting for a BCBS advantage would help?

I have advanced or severe Ankylosing Spondylitis. I had VSG. Now my hinny is skin and bone. I spoke with my rheumatologist about some fat transfer to pad those SI joints. I'm having nerve issues and extreme pain sitting. He was excited at the idea. I'm also haven't extra pain from the hanging skin from stomach. Not only is the skin splitting under the lowest fold, there are constant fungal infections and inverse psoriasis flaring. Upper kyphosis and fused neck, seems hanging belly causes pain.

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Sorry to be so terse, but no kind of insurance will pay for BBL regardless of the reason. Also, if your buttocks is just "skin and bone," where do you anticipate a plastic surgeon (a reputable one, not some "cosmetic surgeon" who takes your money and delivers minimal or no results) will get enough fat to allow the half that survives to really make a difference?

The other issue of infections and skin issues from loose "hanging" abdominal skin is something that perhaps would allow panniculectomy to be covered. This is NOT a tummy tuck, and only a flap of skin is removed, leaving all the other problems a real tummy tuck corrects. So, this is not a true solution, and almost certainly not the one you seek.

You are looking for insurance to pay for cosmetic surgery, and that won't happen. This gets asked frequently enough here that there should just be a "different set of reasons--same answer" reply. So Sorry, but "Them's the facts, ma'am!" Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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