Does Anyone Know What Silk'n FaceFX and PMD (1st at Home FDA Approved Periorbital Microderm) Pros and Cons Are?

I purchased a product called Silk'n FaceFX which uses a red light that heat up to 40 degrees Celsius and said to work from the inside out; increasing blood flow, collagen production, etc. It was also said to be the first FDA approved periorbital at home machine of its kind. At the same time I purchased an at-home PMD (microdemabrasion) from the same TV shopping network. I didn't see any of them mentioned here. producThank you

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At home lasers don't work

At-home lasers and microdermabrasion machines are much lower grade and quality than laser treatments you can do in medical offices. They are not medical grade or medical strength, and the products that go with them are lesser as well. I'm sorry that you bought these but I think they are ineffective and a waste of money. If you can return them, I would. I've seen many, many issues with people using at-home machines and products like these, and nothing good.

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