Silimed Polyuthene Implants, Are these the Gummy Bear Implants?

Hi I had these type of implants just over 5 months ago are these the gummy bear implants I have the anatomical 410cc also they are still quite firm to touch at the bottom and they don't move alot either will they eventually move if I try and push them together my natural breast tissue moves but my implants stay put many thanks

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Polyurethane Coated Implants vs Gummy Bear Breast Implants

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Your Silimed polyurethane implants are not the same as gummy bear breast implants. While both are a form of silicone implants, your Silimed implants have an outer coating of polyurethane that surrounds the outer shell of the implant. The silicone gel that resides inside it is a softer form than that of the gummy bear implant. The gummy bear style of breast implant has a more polymerized and firmer silicone gel inside with an uncoated silastic containment bag. From the outside they may actually feel somewhat similar in firmness but they are truly different styles of breast implants.

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