Is Silikon1000 Safe?

I've heard of a new procedure for male genital enhancement in which Silikon1000 is injected. However, I've read it is only safe when used in very small amounts and not for larger areas such as the buttocks or breasts. For male enhancement one would require about 30cc over 4 or 5 sessions. Is it safe to inject this much Silikon1000 in that area, or would it be deemed as unsafe, such as it is in the breast and buttocks?

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Do Not Recommend Silikon for Genital Enhancement

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When injected correctly by an expert injector, Silikon 1000 is safe and is a very effective permanent filler. I do not recommend it for genital or breast enhancement.  It is excellent for correcting acne scars, for lip augmentation, for correcting surgical and traumatic scars and for aging lines. 

Boca Raton Dermatologist
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