Silikon 1000 - Is it a Permanent Filler?

I have never heard of Silikon 1000 but I am curious if this is a permanent or semi permanent filler? I am also curious if it is available in the Toronto area (Ontario ) and if someone can suggest a doctor who has experience with this. I was particularly interested in it for volume in the lower cheek area. Any expertise would be appreciated. Thx

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Silikon 1000- permanent silicone filler

Silikon 1000 is FDA approved as a injectable silicone oil that is used in vitreoretinal ophthalmic surgeries.  It is used off label by many as an effective facial filler.  It is distintive from other fillers in that it is permanent.  It can create granulomatous inflammation in areas with a lot of movement, such as around the mouth.   The cheeks can be a very safe place for injection.

Your best bet for silicone injection in Toronto would be to call around and ask!

Good luck to you

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