Can Silikon 1000 Make my Lips Dramatically Bigger?

i had fat injections which only lasted 2 months but i loved the results. i want to make my lips as big as possible and i want them to stay that way.

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Big Lips with Silikon Injections

If the picture you sent of your lips was taken at least six months after the fat graft then I would question just how much larger you want them. Most surgeon would be reluctant to change a patient's appearance in a way they thought would be less attractive. Silcone can certainly be used to create very large lips but it must be done slowly and with great care to avoid some of the potential complications such as migration of the product. I have seen some very unattractive lips that were over injected with silicone. It really is best to be conservative in this regard. Another option is to try the fat grafting again. Look for a surgeon with some interest and experience in this area. Best of Luck Dr Harrell

Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Large Lip Lover (photo); use of permanent fillers (Silikon 1000)

Your lips excellent as they are now. The amount of volume achieved with fat is difficult to replicate with Silikon. This would take multiple sessions probably lasting at least one year if not longer. I would advise you to consider more reasonable long term goals.  

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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