Silikon 1000 a Good Option for Lip Augmentation?

I appreciate professional medical opinions, but because they seem so extremely varied, I'd really like to know the basis for these opinions. Are there any studies that report the long-term (20+ yr) success rate of silikon-1000 for lip augmentation? Are opinions coming from personal experience correcting failed Silikon-1000 lip augmentation? Are there studies on migration, inflammation, nodules, rejection? Thanks so much!

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Silikon 1000 - Is it a good option for Lip Augmentation

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All the questions you ask are excellent. You must first understand that Silikon 1000 is only approved by the FDA for the temporary treatment of retinal detachment. Any other use is considered 'off label', which means it can be used in other circumstances, at the discretion of the physician - providing the patient understands this. When I first started practicing, medical grade silicone was available and used frequently to augment various parts of the face. It was the general consensus that silicone was safe but was very technique dependent. In other words, the amount injected and the technique of injection had a lot to do with the final results and the potential for long term complications. When the silicone breast implant controversy arose silicone injection into the face became a thing of the past until the approval of Silikon 1000. The main problem I have seen with silicone injection to lips is over injection with large appearing, unnatural looking lips. In the patients I myself have treated with silicone, I have not seen any short or long term problems, but of course there may be patients that have problems but do not return to me. Many doctors are simply unwilling to inject a permanent filler into the lips for fear of long term complications that they will not be able to deal effectively with. In my opinion Silikon injection into the lips can be indicated for a patient who has had temporary fillers and is happy with the results but wants long lasting results. These patients must be thoroughly educated and informed about the problem with correcting unsatisfactory results and long term complications. I have seen a small number of clinical articles on the injection of silicone but no large comparative studies. Silicone can and does migrate in small amounts to local and regional lymph nodes. There is also a low grade immune response to silicone as well. However, the clinical significance of these issues is a yet unknown or believed to be safe, as in the case of silicone breast implants. Best of Luck  Dr Harrell

Silikon 1000 Excellent Filler for Lip Augmentation

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In our practice, we primarily use liquid injectable silicone (Silikon 1000) as our filler of choice, not only for lip augmentation, but for facial volumization, correcting aging lines, for acne scarring and other scars and for hand rejuvenation. In my opinion it is an ideal filler as it is precise and permanent, yielding very natural-appearing results. My father has been injecting silicone into lips for over 40 years without a single complication and myself about 5 years without a single complication.  Silicone is a great filler in the hands of someone experienced in injecting it.  On our website under PHYSICIANS we have our publications listed, many of which are related to silicone. Below is a photo gallery of lips augmented with liquid silicone. 

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Boca Raton Dermatologist
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