Is Silikon 1000 FDA Approved for Treatment of HIV Facial Wasting?

What filler treatment is FDA approved for HIV side effects?

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Use of Silikon 100 for Facial Wasting is Off-Label

The use of Silikon 1000 for the treatment of facial wasting (secondary to HIV or other medical conditions) is considered "off-label".  Silikon 1000 is an injectable product made with silicone oil.  Dermatologists and facial plastic surgeons have used silikon 1000 "off-label" for treating depressed acne and other scars, aging lines, volume repletion and augmenting the lips.  Although it is FDA approved ("on-label") for treatments related to retinal detachment, Silikon 1000 is not FDA approved for cosmetic use. However, the modernization act of 1997 allows licensed physicians to administer medical agents for off-label purposes. In our practice we treat many patients with facial wasting using Silikon 1000 and the results are excellent.   

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