Is Silikon 1000 Effective for Boxcar Acne Scars?

Is Silikon 1000 effective for boxcar acne scars? I've read mixed reviews. Also, what are known risks?

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Best Approach For Correcting Boxcar Acne Scars

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Injectable fillers such as Silikon 1000 used in conjunction with other techniques such as light electrosurgery can improve the appearance of boxcar acne scars.  The filler will lift the base of the scar by filling, but there will still be a rim/edge to the scar that will have to be smoothed out. In my opinion the best way to approach these scars is to fill them with Silikon 1000, which may take more than one treatment, and then smooth out the surface with light electrosurgery.  Please click on the link below for before and after photos of patients with acne scars treated with Silikon 1000 and light electrosugery.

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