Silikon 1000 Good for Volume for Asian Nose and Face?

I'm asian 37yo Indonesian/Indian/chinese/dutch. I exercise 3/4 aweek. I am unhappy with my face/my nose. My face/my nose always bother me. My face has some non active acne bad scars, between my mouth has line that make me look so old. Also line on my cheek. My face has no fullness.What kind of treatment would u suggest me? any non surgical would work for my face? My nose is flat. I want to have my nose bridge higher, silikon 1000 would make my nose bigger or it will deflated after few mths? what the risks? am I qualify for any silikon 1000?

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Silikon 1000 is not typically advised for large volume correction of the face

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Silikon 1000 is not typically advised for large volume correction of the face. It is first wise to attempt reversible or resorbable fillers to assess the results of soft tissue augmentation. 

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