Pain After Breast Implants Nerve Regeneration?

Hard to describe the pain. Constant allover breast burning (not nipple) (inframam incis 400 silicone undr mus). Also feels like I need to hold breast up. No redness, swelling, etc. I had fingertip numbness on that side for few weeks after. So at 3 months post can it still be nerve regen?

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Pain After Breast Implants Nerve Regeneration?

From your description of pain relief with lifting or support, it sounds as if the implants are resting on a nerve contributing to the discomfort. Breast massage and exercise may help.

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Pain after Breast Augmentation

The pain you describe sounds like nerve regeneration from injury of the nerves at the time of the surgery. The larger the implant, the more risk there is for this. It usually resolves within a few weeks to a few months, but can last longer. The best treatment is massage and stimulation of the breasts. The more you stimulate the sensation, the faster it goes away. If this does not work, there are several medications that can improve the symptoms until they resolve.

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Pain in breast

Your discomfort may be from many different things including nerve stress or irritablity. A physical exam would help with figuring out the possible cuase.

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