Silicone Behind the Breast Tissue V.s. Behind the Muscle?

My Dr. suggested Silicone behind the breast tissue (not sure submam or subglandular) I've been reading a lot about the disadvantages...the scariest to me being higher rate of capsule contracture and high rates of later implant downward migration or "bottoming-out". Should I get my implants under the muscle now?

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Gel Implants In Front of the Muscle.

I suggest strongly to our patients that I would recommend placing gel implants in front of the muscle in the athletic woman with well developed pectoral muscles. The risk of downward and outward displacement of the implants, with time, is far greater with the constant overlying pressure (sub-pectoral placement) of the pectoralis muscle on a gel implant. 

That being said, most of my patients come without well exercised pectoralis muscles. They have their implants placed beneath the muscle for the better cover of the implant and theoretical lower capsule contracture (hardness) rate.  In the past 25+ years, I have seen no noticeable difference in our very low contracture rate with implant placement above or beneath the muscle.

Seek advice from the more experienced and well trained plastic surgeons in your community before you make a final decision about your implant placement.

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