Will Silicon Products Help an Old, Deep Burn Scar?

Are silicone products, such as SCARprin, best for a burn scar? If not, what else might help this typ of scar?

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Silicone based products are useful for scars

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Whether the scar is the result of a burn, trauma or surgery, silicone based sheeting can be a useful addition to the improvement of scars.

It is safe, effective and can be used with other treatment options like the laser or topical creams or injectable steroids. I hope this information helps.

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Silicone Sheeting and Pressure Garment will improve burn scar

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Depending on how old the burn scar is, it may very well improve in appearance and thickness of the scar if you meticulously use silicone sheeting over the scar with a pressure garment as well. All scars 'mature" for a year after they form and this is the best time to utilize this treatment.

If the burn scar is much older than that, then it is less likely you will get as much change in the scar. Also the shoulder area is characteristic as one area of the body that typically forms thicker scars than some other areas. Using heavy sunscreen is also of paramount importance for this area indefinitely, SPF 50 or more.

Silicone products are all different and some can be very expensive. Band Aid makes a band aid that has silicone in it that works well. There is a "chapstick" version of silicone called Prosil that is also very good and easy to use. I would look into "post burn" garments that you may have to research a bit. A tight fitting "under armour" spandex shirt would be sufficient to wear over the silicone sheet or band aid. I hope this helps!

Topical silicone is very good for scars less than 2 years old

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Once a scar matures or stops changing and evolving , typically after about 2 years, topical scar treatments have limited efficacy. In the photo it is difficult to determine the exact location of the scar but it appears broad and flat. Surgical scar revision can be considered as with serial or gradual excision of the scar but the trade-off is another scar which may not be significantly better.

You should discuss your options in person in consultation with a plastic surgeon.

David J. Levens, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Silicon products to help an old, deep burn scar

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I doubt it will but why not try? It is always great to try these non aggressive therapies to try an attain the better appearance of your scarred area.


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