Should I Take out my Silicone Nose Job?

It's been about 3 years since my last rhinoplasty. I underwent the procedure in Korea b/c they are popular for the use of silicone. However, after a year it started to shift to the left & the tip of the silicone started to stick out through the tip. This year i came back to the same doctor demanding a revision I trusted his expertise and went through yet another silicone implant on the bridge of my nose. It has been 2 weeks & he has drawn out blood through a needle & hospitalized me for 3 nights

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Should I Take out my Silicone Nose Job?

Based on your history and your current situation, I would advise that yes, you should look to get the silicone out of your nose.  Let the healing process take place over the course of at least one year and then reassess with a Plastic Surgeon Rhinoplasty Specialist for the next steps.

Garrett Wirth, MD, MS, FACS

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Problems with Silicone Nasal Implant

The writing is on the wall - if you were my patient I would remove the implant, treat the infection, and later augment the nose with your own cartilage.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Should silicone implant come out?

Only your rhinoplasty surgeon knows the specific details of your procedure and should be the person commenting on post-operative questions such as this

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Infected nose after silicone implant during Rhinoplasty

Yes, IMHO, the L-shaped silicone implant should not be used because they all place pressure on the skin over the tip and many become red and will erode through the skin.  Right now, you are under the care of your Rhinoplasty surgeon and will need to remain so until your nose is healed.  At that time, you should see experienced Rhinoplasty surgeons about possibly trimming the L section off or removing the silicone implant.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Nasal Implants

All foreign bodies placed in the nose eventually extrude.  Whether that takes 4 months or 4 years.  They all come out eventually.  I would recommend considering a second opinion.  You would benefit from complete removal of the infected implant without immediate replacement.  Then allow a period of several months of healing to ensure no residual infection exists.  At that time, the most favorable option to build up your dorsum in any significant way would be a stacked ear cartilage graft or a formal rib graft.  This would give you the longest and most lasting result with nearly 0 risk of extrusion....unfortunately, this would likely require 2 more surgeries...and not one!  But, regardless, if this situation does not improve... you will want that implant removed.

Shepherd G. Pryor, MD
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Should I Take out my Silicone Nose Job?

Even though your picture is dark, but I can see the tip of the implant has thinned out your nasal skin and eventually  will cause skin necrosis. You should have it taken out, wait 6-12 months before considering anther revision. The implant shoud be in deep pocket under tip dome.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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Silicone Implant

Hi, I use custom carved silicone implants in many of my rhinoplasties. The problem with your implant is that it was not custom carved and it was not placed in the right pocket. However, that said, your implant DEFINATELY has to come out soon... I would not wait - have it removed as soon as possible. If it's not removed it can cause necrosis of the tip of your nasal skin and be a disaster. Once removed, you should be on antibiotics for 4 to 6 weeks, since there is probably an underlying infection. Best of Luck, Dr.S.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Silicone Nasal Implants

From your description, it sounds as if there may be concern for infection with your implant. Once a silicone implant gets contaminated, it often requires removal to fully treat the infection. Also, extrusion, migration or visibility (three things you have mentioned) are common issues with these implants. Using your own tissue, such as rib cartilage, can be an alternative that can remedy your situation, but the infection needs to be resolved before proceeding with any further intervention.

If you decide to proceed with a rib based repair, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon experienced in this surgery, as it is one of the most challenging we perform.

Best of luck

Vince Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Vincent P. Marin, MD
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Should I Take out my Silicone Nose Job?

Dear ekr:

It sounds from your description that your surgeon may be concerned with an infection. It sounds like if he kept you in the hospital for 3 days, it was probably for you to receive antibiotics. Is this correct?

If there is an infection, and you did receive antibiotics and you still have an infection the implant should be removed. You should allow your body to heal and wait at least 6 months if you want another implant. At that point I would consider a rib cartilage implant.

Michel Siegel, MD

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty silicone

dear ekr,  silicone augmentation rhinoplasties tend to protrude. autologeous material would be the better option. good luck

Bianca Knoll, MD
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