Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants - Can I Sleep Face-Down and Wear Glasses?

I've a Silicone Nasal Implant Since 2006, and a Silicone Chin Implant Since 2007. Can I 1) Sleep Face Down? 2) Wear Glasses?

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Yes, you may sleep face down after shin and nasal implants (once healed)!

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Your chin and nasal implants have been in place for several years, presumably without movement, malposition, or problem. The scar capsule that surrounds both implants is completely healed and mature, meaning that there is no longer any inflammation, contracture, or stretching of the scar. Although you will place pressure on the tissues overlying these implants when in the face-down position, excessive pressure will cause your body's pain receptors to signal your body to reposition itself, all while asleep! This normal feedback mechanism works on all areas of the body to prevent pressure sores, and is why paralyzed patients lose this capability and have higher potential for pressure sores.

If you can detect implant movement (either area) or have any remaining concern, return to your surgeon and ask!

Sleeping face down after implants

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Certainly by this time you should be able to.  If you can still move the implants with your hands I would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon.  The implants should be well healed and positioned by now, but only your doctor will know for sure.

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