Silicone Memory Gel Implants to Form Symmetrical Breast?

Is it possible to create an even, matching symmetrical breast visual line from the top, side and bottom of both breasts using Silicone memory gel implants?

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Silicone breast implants for asymmetrical breasts

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The management of asymmetrical breasts is one of the most difficult problems to treat in plastic surgery. It is better to anticipate LESS ASYMMMETRY. I have prepared 4 youtube videos on this subject (lionked below)

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Breast Asymmetry

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Dear Moko,

Breast Asymmetry is a challenge no matter the implant type or the surgeon. There are multiple factors- breast size, position, skin quality, muscle quality, chest wall shape, spine curvature, pre-existing scars and others.....

The planning needs to take into account all of these factors and in the end there still may be differences that you may detect. The goal is to make the breasts as symmetrical in clothing and out of clothing.

With Warm Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
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Implants and breast symmetries

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It is not the implant that will correct the asymmetry but your plastic surgeon. Any implant will do whether saline or silicone. They both do the job.

Now having said that, no two breast are ever symmetrical before surgery and will not be completely symmetrical after surgery. They will be a lot closer after having plastic surgery but you should not expect them to be exactly the same as that is not possible. It really depends on how much asymmetry you have to start with.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Minor asymmetries could be adjusted with implants

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A breast implant whether gel or saline is a neutral device deisgned to add volume to the breast. There are several secondary effects related to breast augmentation including lifting,symmetry creation by using implants that are different in size and shape.

The bottom line is your current breast shape and volume. Minor asymmetries could be fixed, major asymmetries will require more surgical intervention.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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It is possible with most any implant all things considered

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Each case is different and we can never promise you perfect symmetry. The goal will be to achieve as close to a symmetric look as possible though.

A gel implant has advantages in that it has a more natural feel to it but there are plenty of women with asymmetry who get a fine result with saline implants too.

Discuss your options with your plastic surgeon.

Dr Edwards

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