Silicone Levels - Before and After - in Implant Recipients

Has any body done blood work looking at silicone levels in the blood for a patient BEFORE and a reasonable time AFTER saline or silicone implants for comparison? In the name of research, wouldn't this seem like a good idea? Wouldn't the info go far as to putting this controversy to rest?

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Silicone Levels - Before and After - in Implant Recipients

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Actually similar work HAS been done. Since Silicone is found in HUNDREDS of products as well as devices an implants many of us ingest and inhale it daily. All caulking and lubricants contain some silicones. As a result people working near copying machines breath in silicones which help the tray move over the photo chamber. All syringes have their pistons lubricated with silicone. As a result diabetics (who give themselves Insulin) and all those receiving daily shots inject themselves with silicone IN ADDITION to the medications. And the list goes on because every man made shunt, valve or joint has silicone component.

The question of what significance do elevated Silicone levels in the blood have has been answered by the huge number of people having such raised levels and the small numbers of disorders seen in this large group. You would think that if silicone predictably caused a disease in everyone who was exposed to certain levels of it we would have seen epidemic autoimmune and other diseases. This is NOT the case.

The vast majority of scientists including The National Institutes of Health have formally concluded there is no "Silicone Disease" entity. So as far as we stand this controversy has been put to rest.

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