Are silicone Jaw angle implants less likely to infect and look better? (photo)

1. Can you get a little bit of a drop down from a silicone jaw implant even though you are putting the implants for a more lateral look from the front? 2. With a silicone Jaw angle implant is it less likely to get infected? 3. Lets say you vertical length is 'ok' can you put the silicone implant in so it goes right underneath the ear? so from the profile you face looks more full (see pics)

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Ramal implants

We do a large number of ramal implants and they can be 'designed' to augment in 3D depending on your jaw developmental pattern; and what you want to accomplish. So, yes, one can do 'just lateral' augmentation; or vertical or change the shape of the angle itself.

As to infection, any implant placed through the mouth has a statistical risk of infection and you must do various things to minimize that risk. The implant would have to be removed if it becomes infected which is troublesome, since it is rare for both sides to infect - you then have to either remove the implant and wait 2 months to replace it; or remove the other side when you remove the infected one. Sad for both the patient and surgeon who did the work.

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Are silicone Jaw angle implants less likely to infect and look better?

There is still a risk of infection with these implants.

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