Silicone Injections for Equal Nostrils Gap Sides?

Is it possible to have the Silicone injections in the skin below the septum to make both nostril gaps equal on both sides?

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Please don't use silicone injections

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A few years ago I saw several patients with permanent problems from this permanent filler.  Best to avoid this material and use other long lasting but temporary fillers.

Silicone is not great for the tip of the nose but i have used it

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I have a lot of experience with silicone for the nose. It does not work well in the tip. However, about the only thing that I use it for in the lower nose is to correct notched nostrils from previous bad rhinoplasty. Other than that, the skin is just not elastic enough to move by filling.

Watch the video on injectable rhinoplasty that I shot that will better answer your question.



Sam Lam, MD, FACS
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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