Removing Silicone Injections from my Jowl

I had silicone injections on the lower jowl area for an acne scar (not performed by a doctor). How can I get this removed? I am disfigured.

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Addressing Silicone injection complications and poor results

Silicone to the jowls typically result in deformity as patients age and jowling worsens. This creates a condition where the silicone may migrate and ultimately worsen the festooning of the jowls. Surgical removal is extremely difficult as the marginal mandibular nerve is present in the area and may become injured. Silicone injections in this area should be addressed by a specialist who has specific experience in the field of silicone management. I routinely perform treatements on patients with silicone injections through conservative and surgical treatments.

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Silicone injections to the face

 Silicone injections to the face result in micro-droplets being distributed in the soft tissues. It is therefore very difficult to almost impossible to remove the silicone droplets without removing normal tissue as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
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