Silicone Injection for Cheek Lines?

I wrote in asking about better fat injection methods. I have the indented lines across my cheeks and tried to fill them with fat. The fat goes below the indent however.

Silicone seems to be back, wonder if silicone would go into the area I want better as it is lighter in weight and because it is done 3 or 4 times and builds up collagen. Would this work do you think? Another option is Sculptra just in the indented area, this seems harder than silicone?

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Please do not do silicone

Permanent fillers are frought with long term problems.  Even yesterday, a patient on this site was asking for help dealing with a difficult propblem from silicone injections.  They are generally impossible to resolve.  Please use temporary fillers and stay safe!

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Silicone injections to the cheeks

Silicone Injections are theoretically inert and safe to use for soft tissue augmentation. However, as an expert in silicone complications, I routinely see patients who have severe complications associated with Silicone injections, including persistent swelling, infection, deformity, nodules, lumps, granulomas, and foreign body reaction.

Silicone has an unpredictable safety profile and should not be used for soft tissue augmentation in any circumstance. Silicone fillers can lead to devastating complications. In light of all of these risks, there are still many people who have safely undergone silicone injections.

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Avoid silicone injections

Please avoid silicone injection in the cheek area, this is a one way street, and so far, we have seen nightmares from these injections.

Fat is a wonderful filler for volume enhancement,you need a smaller molecule to be able to fill these lines. Juvederm might be the best option for you.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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