Silicone Implants Replaced on 2/8/12 After 11 Years (Had Leak in Right). I'm Now Asymmetric, Will It Improve?

I had my implants replaced and as soon as I woke up, I noticed that my right did not fill out the cup of my bra but the left completely did. I saw Dr. on the 10th who said tissue needed to settle. I bra shopped/dressed and I'm just mad and want even breasts. I can't keep stuffing my bra with toilet paper & a thin shoulder pad or wearing scarves & sweaters after paying $4,500 to replace them;( Right side needed more than left but my card says 330ml/ea;(

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Asymmetricl breast after replacement of implants

I doubt if after a month there will be breast symmetry if they are asymmetrical now. However, most breast are asymmetrical. I do not have your history, such as the size of implants that you had that were removed or if your breasts were uneven to begin with. So it's hard to judge. but if your situation is intolerable, you should discuss it with your surgeon and have one of the implants exchanged for a matching size. Perhaps one of the implants is a little higher than the other, which can make it look larger. This must be evaluated by your surgeon. Also you can always get a second opinion.

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