Silicone Implants: How Do They Read on a Body Composition Scale?

Hi, I just purchased a scale that measures fat, visceral fat, muscle, and water (as well as total weight). Since I have silicone breast implants, I'd like to know which of these categories my implants would fall into. That is, would they show up as fat, visceral fat, muscle, or water?

The scale uses electrical impedance. Thanks. I thought the group of plastic surgeons on Realself would be the best place to find the answer to my question.

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Breasts Implants and Body Composition Scale?

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Thank you for the interesting question. 

I did not know the answer to your question and checked with one of the breast implant manufacturers science departments.  They also  were unsure stating that it likely would depend on the type of scale used. I will keep researching.

Please let me know if you find the answer at

Silicone Implants: How Do They Read on a Body Composition Scale?

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Maybe you should buy another Body Composition Scale south of you in the LA area where the amount of intracorporeal Silicone in the people is way above the national average. I hear the scales there DO  separate body components into  fat, muscle, bone, silicone, Democrat and Republican..Just joking.

You definitely have us stumped. I  was never asked this question before and I am intrigued. I do know the density of silicone gel is 97% that of water. But I am not sure about its electrical impedance. I would take the volume of the implants multiply it by 0.97 to get their weight in grams. Convert that weight to pounds and now you will know how much weight in pounds you have due to your implants. Unless you have gigantic breast implants this weight would be a small constant addition to your weight and should not markedly interfere with your measurements.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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