Had Silicone Implants 6 Months Ago and Now I Have an Indentation is This Normal

had silicone implants 6 months ago. and now i have an indentation on my right breast. i was told to wait about 6 months and it would slow go away. but i see no difference. is this normal

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We need more information

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I agree with the other surgeons.  We need more information.  Please send some photos. 

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Indentation in breast following breast augmentation

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We would need to see photos to even begin to advise you.  An indentation at the nipple if the implant was placed through an areolar incision is different from an indentation there or elsewhere in the breast that only occurs when the pectoralis muscle is flexed, assuming the implants are under the muscle, are two very different issues.

Indentation after silicone implants

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Without a photo or being able to examine you , it is difficult to answer that question. What part of the breast is the indentation in? Is it there all the time? A photo would be most helpful.

Francisco Canales, MD
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Had Silicone Implants 6 Months Ago and Now I Have an Indentation is This Normal?

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It's hard to answer your question without a photograph. In many cases, the indentation can be a fold of the underlying breast implants. These folds are more prominent in saline than in silicone implants and are more visible when the implants are placed over the muscle. Pleats or folds can also be seen along the side of the breast but are mostly seen when there is not enough breast tissue to cover the implant. Put another way, the pleats become visible when the implant chosen is too large (= larger than the amount of breast tissue to cover it). Indentations can also be caused by a residual breast fold which was not broken up if the fold had to be lowered and by an over release of the muscle creating "Window Shading". Either way, none of this is "normal" and consistent with a good cosmetic result.  You need to discuss it with your surgeon.

Dr. Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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